Director Azaad Hussain’s New Song ISHQ HUA HAI TUMSE With Singers: Javed Ali & Reena Mehta Released On Zee Music

“Ishq Hua Hai Tumse” is a beautiful love song that perfectly captures the essence of love and passion. With heartfelt vocals and a mesmerizing melody, this track is sure to touch the hearts of listeners. It is brilliantly Directed by Azaad Hussain.

“Ishq Hua Hai Tumse” The music video features Gautam Singh Vig and Twinkle Arora, whose performances bring out the emotional depth of the song. Their chemistry on screen adds a layer of emotional resonance to the narrative, making the music video even more compelling. Director Azaad Hussain has done a remarkable job by assigning this brilliant pair.

We believe that “Ishq Hua Hai Tumse” will leave a lasting impression on all those who listen to it. We invite you to watch the music video on Zee Music Company’s channel and experience the magic of this enchanting composition.s song is sure to tug at the heartstrings of listeners.

Gautam Singh Vig and Twinkle Arora deliver compelling performances in the music video, bringing the emotions of the song to life on screen. Their chemistry is palpable, enhancing the overall visual experience of the song.

We are confident that “Ishq Hua Hai Tumse” will resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact. Be sure to check out the music video on the Zee Music Company channel and immerse yourself in the magic of this beautiful composition.

Azaad Hussain is a well-known director who has worked on various albums and songs. Some of the popular ones include:

* “Sukoon Ka Pata” by Aamir Shaikh & Farhana Bhat, featuring Santanu Dey Sarkar and Prashant Beybaar.

* “Yaara” is a new Hindi video song featuring Javed Ali, Sadhana Verma, Aamir Shaikh, and Zoya Zaveri.

* “Machalti Hu” is a latest video song by Reena Mehta, featuring Aamir Shaikh and Jasleen Matharu.

* “Mai Adhura Hu Tere Bin” is a new song by Salman Ali, featuring Natasha Natty Ayush, directed by Azad Hussain and produced by BJS Music.

These are just a few  albums he has likely worked on many more projects in his career.


Director  Azaad Hussain’s New Song ISHQ HUA HAI TUMSE  With Singers: Javed Ali & Reena Mehta  Released On Zee Music

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