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International Business School of Washington (IBSW)-College De Paris Is Ready To Welcome Students From India

Covid-19 has forced universities across India, and the world indeed, to suspend physical classrooms and shift to online classes. Due to the global lockdown measures implemented and its commitment to delivering value

Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar Shoots for A Magazine Cover Amid Lockdown

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, Bollywood celebrities are keeping their fans updated with their daily lives. They are doing their bit to keep their fans entertained and motivated through these tough times. During

Miss World Washington Shree Saini Received Heart Warming Message From Indian Orphanage

Miss World Washington Shree Saini and her family helps underprivileged children around the World get a better education and healthcare facilities. During this Lockdown, she received heart-warming messages from many India Based


Nafih Mohammed Naser is the new youth icon for the Indian National Congress. He was brought up in Kasargod district of Kerala, on the 13th of December 1988. Mohammed Naser completed his

A Thought Of Pratush Mishra Need A Promote To New Talent Then Start A New Era In Bollywood After Sushant Untimely Death

From the film diary of Pratush… India has become independent from the British rule but even today our souls are mentally enslaved as the budding talents are getting unnoticed in our country.

R Madhavan Starrer 7TH SENSE And Jimmy Shergill Starrer LINE OF FIRE To Start Filming In UAE Next Month

Producer Gaurang Doshi to arrive along with a cast & crew of 100 members under the patronage of His Excellency Suhail Mohd. Al Zarooni  To be shot first, the murder mystery ‘7th Sense’ features

The Efforts Of Actress Kanak Pandey And Saikat Kumar Made The Return Of Purvanchal Residents Possible

एक्ट्रेस कनक पाण्डेय और सैकत कुमार की कोशिशों से पूर्वांचल वासियों की घर वापसी संभव पूर्वांचल प्रवासी मिलन संस्था ने कराई मजदूरों की सकुशल देशवापसी स्वदेश वापसी अभियान के तहत सैकड़ों पूर्वांचल

Film Actor And Youth President Of Karni Sena Surjeet Singh Rathore Defends T series Owner Mr Bhushan Kumar

फ़िल्म अभिनेता ओर करनी सेना के युवा अध्यक्ष सूरजीत सिंह राठौड़ ने टी सीरीज़ के मालिक श्री भूषण कुमार का बचाव फ़िल्म अभिनेता ओर करनी सेना के युवा अध्यक्ष सूरजीत सिंह राठौड़

IFTPC – CINTAA – FWICE Resolve Issues For Shoots To Commence

IFTPC, CINTAA and FWICE have today amicably resolved the outstanding issues which paved the way for the immediate resumption of shootings. These understandings were reached in virtual meeting held between IFTPC, FWICE

A 4-Line Poem Retorting Back To Enemy Lovers

The 4-line poem “Enemy Worshippers” opposing the moves to politicize the clash with China at the border is going viral on social media platforms. Hollywood Director and poet Dr. Sohan Roy wrote

A unanimous decision to issue a press release was taken jointly in a virtual zoom meeting held on 22nd June 2020 at 12 noon by Federation of Western India Cine Employees –FWICE & Cine & TV Artistes’ Association -CINTAA

Meeting was attended by: Shri B N Tiwari President – FWICE Shri Gangeshwar Srivastav Treasurer – FWICE Shri Manoj Joshi Sr Vice President – CINTAA Shri Amit Behl Sr Joint Secretary –

Quarantea Time With Coconut Theatre!

Coconut Theatre’s Chai-Wai and Rangmanch took up a rather ambitious project during COVID-19. It has been bringing together several award-winning playwrights, directors, actors and technicians and provided students of theatre an opportunity

Producer Nilesh N Raghani’s Short Film Love In Quarantine

More than 1000 doctors watched the film via webinar before the online release of the movie Corona Epidemic, quarantine, Lock Down All these words have become part of the lives of common

Zee Music’s Single PASAND AAYA Made Headlines For Actress Sabhyata Giri

Even though there is talk of nepotism in Bollywood, there is no shortage of people who make their own identity from hard work and talent without any family background. Sabhyata Giri is

My Talking Tom Friends Is Now Available Worldwide

Don’t Miss Out On The Next-Gen Family Fun!  Family entertainment company Outfit7 today announced the launch of its new game, offering a brand new experience of family fun. The  latest title from

Apeksha Films & Music Announces Contest For Fresh Talent

India, 23 June 2020: Apeksha Films & Music has always aimed to provide platform and support to the fresh talent. As a part of this aim, the company announces ‘AFM Talent Hunt

Gautam Chaturvedi’s first ever Short Film as an Actor – Director and Writer Wins the Prestigious Best Shorts Competition in USA

Mumbai, June 20, 2020: The Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki Fame, Gautam Chaturvedi, the man who dons many hats from an Entrepreneur to an Actor has bagged a prestigious Award of Merit for

Crisp Tabla Recital marked the 3rd Webaithak of Pracheen Kala Kendra

Pracheen Kala Kendra has been one of the pioneers of India to organize regular concerts all over the length and breadth of the country and every baithak and concert or a festival features

Bollywood Lost Another Best Actor Sushant Singh Rajput

मुंबई : फ़िल्म अभिनेता सुशांत सिंह राजपूत ने आज अपने घर में फांसी लगाकर आत्महत्या कर ली। उनके घर के नौकर ने यह जानकारी पुलिस को दी। मुम्बई में बांद्रा के अपने फ्लैट

Ghazal Maestro Pankaj Udhas Sings His First Ever Marathi Song With Apeksha Music

गझल सम्राट पंकज उधास यांचे अपेक्षा म्युझिक साठी पहिलेवहिले पाऊसगाणे वर्षा ऋतूला सुरुवात झाली आणि हा पावसाचा आनंद द्विगुणित करण्यासाठी ‘अपेक्षा म्युझिक’ तर्फे सुद्धा नवीन पाऊसगाणेआले आहे. गझल सम्राट पंकज उधास आणि मधुर आवाजाची गायिका कविता पौडवाल या दोघांच्या स्वरात ‘रंगधनूचा झूला’ हे पाऊसगाणे वर्षाऋतुतील  प्रेम अधिक गहिरे करणार आहे . हा पाऊस खास आहे कारण जेव्हा पावसाची रिमझिम बरसात होते ,तेव्हा ऊर्जादायक इंद्रधनुष्य तुमच्याशी संवाद साधतेआणि प्रेमाच्या लहरी पसरवते. पावसामध्ये सर्वात चांगली गोष्ट कोणती तर चांगले संगीत ऐकणे . पावसाच्या गीतांमध्ये नेहमीच प्रेमगीतांना महत्वाचे स्थान असते. ‘रंगधनूचा झूला’ हे पावसातील प्रेमगीत नक्कीच प्रेमाचासंदेश देणारे ठरेल. या संदर्भात ‘अपेक्षा फिल्म्स अँड म्युझिक’ चे अजय जसवाल म्हणतात, “संगीताशिवाय वर्षाऋतू अपूर्ण आहे. वर्षाऋतूच्यानिमित्ताने ‘रंगधनूचा झूला’ हे महत्वाचे गीत प्रदर्शित करताना आम्हाला खूप आनंद होत आहे. माझे आवडते गायक गझलउस्ताद पंकज उधास यांनी मराठी भाषेत  गायलेले हे पहिले पाऊसगाणे आहे. कविता पौडवाल यांच्या मधुर स्वरांनी सुद्धा यायुगुलगीताला साज चढवला आहे. म्हणूनच पावसाच्या गाण्यांच्या यादीत हे सुंदर गीत असलेच पाहिजे.” गझल सम्राट पद्मश्री पंकज उधास त्यांच्या मराठी भाषेतील या पहिल्या गीताबद्दल म्हणतात, “मराठी भाषेत गाणे गाण्याचेमाझे स्वप्न होते आणि या गाण्याच्या निमित्ताने हे पूर्ण झाले. हे गीत मराठीतील दिग्गज संगीतकार अशोक पत्की यांनीसंगीतबद्ध केले असून सुप्रसिद्ध गीतकार मंदार चोळकर यांच्या लेखणीतून हे गीत साकारले आहे. हे गीत उत्कृष्ट प्रेमगीतअसून कविता पौडवाल यांच्याबरोबर मी ते गायलं आहे. संगीत प्रेमींना हे गीत कायम लक्षात राहिल. मराठी गीत गाण्याचेमाझे स्वप्न पूर्ण करण्यासाठी मी ‘अपेक्षा म्युझिक’ यांना धन्यवाद देतो.” गायिका कविता पौडवाल त्यांचा आनंद व्यक्त  करताना म्हणाल्या, “मी माझ्या ‘रंगधनूचा झूला’ या गाण्याबद्दल बरीचउत्सुक आहे. हे मराठी युगुलगीत मी गझल उस्ताद पंकज उधास यांच्याबरोबर गायले आहे. मला पूर्ण खात्री आहे की हे गीतभाषेचे सर्व अडथळे दूर करेल आणि जगभरातील संगीतप्रेमी लोकांच्या हृदयाला स्पर्शून जाईल. पंकजजी यांचे हे पहिले मराठीगीत असल्याने या गीताला एक वेगळे महत्व आहे आणि त्यांच्या चाहत्यांपर्यंत ही गोष्ट नक्कीच योग्य प्रकारे पोहचेल. ‘अपेक्षा म्युझिक’ या निर्मिती संस्थेचा कायमच दर्जेदार गोष्टींवर विश्वास आहे आणि त्यामुळे असे उत्तम गाणे चाहत्यांपर्यंतपोहचवण्यात ‘अपेक्षा म्युझिक’ हा उत्तम पर्याय आहे.” ‘रंगधनूचा झूला’ याला संगीत ज्येष्ठ संगीतकार अशोक पत्की यांनी दिले आहे आणि गीतकार मंदार चोळकर यांनी हे गीतलिहिले आहे. या गाण्याचा व्हिडीओ प्रशांत श्याम सुर्वे यांनी  दिग्दर्शित केला आहे. पावसाचा आनंद द्विगुणित करण्यासाठीआणि हे गाणे ऐकताना गझल सम्राट पंकज उधास आणि कविता पौडवाल यांच्या स्वरात चिंब भिजण्यासाठी    ‘अपेक्षा फिल्म्स अँड म्युझिक’ ही संस्था सर्वांना घरी राहा आणि सुरक्षित राहा अशी विनंती करून सर्वांना पावसाचे अँथम’रंगधनूचा झूला’ या पाऊसगाण्याचा आनंद घ्या, असे सांगत आहे.    Mumbai, 14 June 2020: Monsoon is here, and so is the song from Apeksha Music

Mahi Goswami – The national level gymnastics player of textile city Bhilwara has started the journey to prove herself in a new field

वस्त्र नगरी भीलवाड़ा की राष्ट्रीय स्तर जिमनास्टिक खिलाड़ी माही गोस्वामी ने एक नए क्षेत्र में स्वयं को सिद्ध करने का सफर शुरू कर दिया है भीलवाड़ा के मध्यम वर्गीय परिवार की वह

Mrs Cosmos Fashion Icon 2020 Ropes In Kerala-Based Entrepreneur Abhini Sohan Roy As Brand Ambassador

Abhini is the Executive Director of Indywood Fashion Premier League (IFPL) Initiated the fashion theme named “A walk for a cause,” for promoting the weaver’s community in India through IFPL Season 3 Dubai:

Miss Masala Dosa Hindi Film Team Gets Ready For Final Shooting Schedule The Film By Alok Shrivastava

Miss Masala Dosa hindi film team is ready to go for final and last shooting schedule in Mumbai & outdoor very soon with accordance with the norms and guidelines framed by Government


फिल्म “ये है मेरा वतन” के पांचवे पोस्टर से खड़ा हो सकता है बवाल ! जैसे की आप जानते ही हैं लेखक, निर्माता, निर्देशक “मुश्ताक़ पाशा” की फिल्म “ये है मेरा वतन”

Krishna Verma Excited About Release Of Films On OTT Platform

फिल्मो में ओटीटी प्लेटफॉर्म पर रिलीज होने से उत्साहित है कृष्णा वर्मा छोटे पर्दे का बड़ा एक्टर कृष्णा वर्मा मुंबई की मायानगरी भले ही आज करोना महामारी की वजह से परेशान है

Masala King Dhananjay Datar Of Dubai Sends Indians Home A La Sonu Sood !

With the UAE being hit by the massive COVID-19 pandemic, Indian migrants in the UAE are queuing up outside the Indian consulate to try and get back to their motherland – India.

Bollywood Director Imtiaz Ali Inspires The Generation NEXT Director Shivam Khurana

A new single ‘Mainu Chad Ke’ music video is released, directed by Shivam Khurana. The song is sung by Adnan Ahmed and the featured Artists are Unnati Pandey pairing with Adnan. With

Brihanmumbai Developers Association (BDA) Mega Unity Webinar Highlights Pain Points Of Real Estate – Underlines the need for all stakeholders to come together on a common platform and convey critical changes that the authorities need to urgently implement

June 8, 2020 In the face of adversity comes opportunity. The COVID-19 crisis offers the real estate industry a ‘never before’ opportunity to reset and redo to reinvigorate cities like Mumbai. However,

IBSW-College De Paris Is Ready To Welcome Students From India

Covid-19 has forced universities across India, and the world indeed, to suspend physical classrooms and shift to online classes. Due to the global lockdown measures implemented and its commitment to delivering value

COVID 19 Economic Impact Study By Levers For Change A Report From Ground Zero Understand The Impact Of Corona Virus On Indian States Industries And Stakeholders

COVID-19 has changed the way the ‘normal’ world functions. It has rattled the fundamentals and we are all trying to cope with the ‘new normal’ – a term that is amongst the

The Most Hotest And Bachelor Entrepreneur Heartthrob Ksshitij Singh

A fit person is capable of living life to its fullest. Physically fit persons are healthier and are not prone to any disease or illness. It’s important to be active and do

Bollywood Actor And Producer Man Singh Announced the Shooting Of His New Film VEBBI From July and PLATINUM Schedule Will Also Be Completed Before November

Film  INTEZAAR  IS HORROR THRILLER AND READY FOR RELEASE Bollywood actor and producer Man Singh ki film ” Platinum” ka agla schedule UP me lag raha hai…jo ki smuggling aur Gangwar ke

Corona Ends In September So Now This Big Crisis May Come In Front Of Country Says Astrologer Ritu Singh

सितम्बर में  कोरोना का अंत, तो अब ये बड़ा संकट आ सकता है देश के सामने, कहती हैं एस्ट्रोलॉजर डॉ रितु  सिंह कोरोना वायरस नामक इस वैश्विक आपदा ने समस्त मानवजाति को

Writer Director Kumar Neeraj – A Name That Needs No Introduction Today Due To Its Hard Work And Passion

राईटर डायरेक्टर कुमार नीरज…. एक ऐसा नाम जो अपने कठिन परिश्रम ओर अपने जुनून की बदौलत आज किसी परिचय के मोहताज नहीं हैंl राईटर डायरेक्टर कुमार नीरज…. एक ऐसा नाम जो अपने

Renowned American Singer And Music Director Edon Molla To Sing For Aries Group’s Upcoming Movie

Well known American singer, lyricist, and music director, Edon Molla will now be a part of Aries Group’s upcoming movie named “Mmmmm…”. The film is produced by Hollywood Director and poet Sohan

Soni Jha Got Recognition From Unique Poetry Writing

अनोखे काव्य लेखन से मिली पहचान – सोनी झा प्रेरणा और अलग नजरिया जिसमें होता है। वह अपने कविता के जरिए लोगों में एक बेहतर अनुभूति कराता है। अपने काव्य से लोगों

RK HIV AIDS – On 1st June 2020 Completed 10000000 People Given Cooked Food – Ration Kit – Medicines – Mask – Senitizers – PPE Kit – Funding Across India

“Guinness Book of World Records Holder R K HIV AIDS Research and Care Center “ has in the last 66days ( From 23rd March 2020 till now) covered almost 66 Villages distributing